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Most moombahcore feels like electro or dubstep slowed down to a comfortable 108 beats per minute, however ETC!ETC!‘s new remix of ‘She’s out of Control’ feels almost as if you took hardstyle and transformed it into a moombahcore/electro banger. ETC!ETC! has always been known as an innovator in the moombahton genre and people look to him to see what the next big move in the genre will be. With his new remix of The R.O.A.R‘s electro-rock banger, he has created an interesting spin on moombahcore which draws from the energy and rawness of the original that he is remixing.

The remix starts out like a slowed dark hardstyle track, but is radically changed when the raw modern rock vocals enter and add a whole new element to the song. Then the beat falls out and the track spirals into a mad buildup around the phrase ‘she’s out of control’. Then the track drops into a style that doesn’t match up with anything we’ve heard before. It is part electro, part hardstyle, part moombahcore, and all banger. Though we don’t know what genre it is, we know that whoever is listening won’t be able to resist dancing. This remix is fun, experimental, catchy, and out of control. ETC!ETC! has done it again.

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