Over the years, my liking for Electronic music has flourished into what is now full blown love. Through it all there are lessons that I have learned with ease and others with quite some resistance. The environment has changed, evolved if you will, into a lifestyle that is enjoyed by millions. I have watched and experienced this first hand from the new sounds, fashion, and even the genre name has changed. Be fore warned my friends this life isn’t for the faint of heart. The members of this genre are sometimes harsh and come with their faults but push past everything and you have a sprawling culture that thrives.  All that said, here are some things to think about when you are going through the motions that are EDM.

Some of you have fallen victim to the bad party buddy, I have many times. Now lets talk this out. When you are raving and raging all over the dance floor a buddy system is mostly preferred by most people. The buddy system works as a safety net in case of the unknown threats, accidents and occasionally over drinking. They are there to help you cool it down or if you have friends like me, to keep you going until your feet are numb. A bad party buddy consists of a few things (not considering special situations) that you should not over look.

For instance a bad party buddy usually,

  • Can’t pay for themselves
  • Does not add to the experience
  • Takes advantage of you or someone you know
  • In a bad mood

You should at all costs avoid this patron of the night and focus on a fellow raver that exerts qualities such as:

  • Can cover themselves
  • Only adds to the hype
  • Loves the music culture
  • Someone you can rave with until your knees give out

Another rule to follow is to dress accordingly to the event. Nothing is worse than raving in jeans you can’t dance in. The importance of this rule is to not only keep your comfortable but to also keep your spirits as high as it can be. When you are raging on the dance floor you might want to not worry about things like, is my dress slipping? Are my jeans too big? I hope my jacket is still at my seat? Worries such as these take away from your night and can be a damper on the whole experience.  Here is a couple of things too look out for when you are choosing what to wear:

  • Is the event indoors or outdoors?
  • If outdoors whats the temperature?
  • If indoors how crowded will it be? (estimate by artists popularity)
  • Will I be dancing?
  • Am I going to be partaking in alcohol?
  • What would be practical?

Now that you have picked your Party Buddy and found out what you are going to wear. What do you do about your transportation to the event? I imagine you own a car or you are riding with a friend. This is a very simple step to remember and is usually pass by unnoticed but remember to find out those specifics. This goes back to your Party Buddy. You have literally the best night of your life. You look to check out where your Party Buddy went and come to find out that one of many things has happened. He could have been arrested, left you after hooking up with someone or even worse gotten drunk and is now not capable to drive.  So before you just jump into the car with someone or drive yourself lets figure out certain things.

If you are going to be a driver,

  • Are you going to drink?
  • Can you act accordingly?
  • Are you reliable? (Only you can answer that one)

If you are a passenger,

  • Is your ride dependable?
  • Do you have a plan of keeping in touch during the event
  • Check in regularly on your driver (see if he/she is ready to leave)

Now you may have all of these aspects down lets not forget about the power of the community. The EDM community is a strong entity. It is very helpful, caring, and loving group. It also is a very judging, rough, and dark place if you make it so. I mention this aspect because if you are going solo with to an event and for some odd reason something goes wrong or perhaps you drink too much, most likely if you ask for help your fellow ravers will help. Don’t underestimate the communities love for one another. Its strong and can help you in your time of need. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most of the community acts with the golden rule in place, “Treat those how you would want to be treated.”

Great! Now you are ready to go out into the world and rage your face off. Take these rules to heart. These are in place so that you can have the absolute best night of your life. Now go forth and rave like only you can.