Prolific producer Protohype, has gone beyond his signature dub-hop sound with his latest releases, and his recent signing with Datsik’s Firepower Records has put him in good company with artists who bring the gritty, next-level energy.  With an early background in hip-hop and a love for drum & bass that brought him to dubstep’s door, Protohype, aka Max Hype, continues to turn out the bangers at a pace that allows him to give away tracks every “Music Monday” and has earned him respect among listeners and other djs.  Also, his awesome presence on social media with posts like “On a scale of one to HAM, I made 3 songs today awready” and “I wanna go on ‘The Bachelorette.’  I think I could soo woop that sh-t even if I don’t have slick Leo DiCaprio hair,” has followers and fans continuing to multiply. On his meteoric rise, it looks like Protohype has found a wormhole in his association with Datsik’s label, which he says has helped him grow “by leaps and bounds.”  Electric Sloth got to catch up with Protohype at his hometown show for Mad Summer at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre where, despite a grueling tour schedule, he was amped to play his favorite city, and ready for the June 4th release of his new EP, “Hear No Evil,” featuring collabs with everyone from 12th Planet and Paper Diamond to Datsik.

ES: So this is your first time back here since you played at the Avalon, how do you feel to be back?

I’m stoked man, I always love playing here, it’s my favorite place to play, living here and all. I’m really excited man, it’s like rare. We try to make it rare for me to play here so it’s cool.

ES: Recently you were on Firepower record’s new Ep, that was really crazy, your collab with ETC! ETC!. It was weird, it was like the trap, moombah thing, are you into experimenting with other genres?

I do, and ironically when we made that track, we made that track in like an hour probably. That was the tune all the DJ’s have been playing. It’s funny how it works like that. I’m always trying to experiment with new shit. That was also like the most hated on track too, ironically. People were pissed about that.

ES: Were you happy with the track though?

Yeah, I loved it. I think it’s awesome

ES: So we noticed on “See No Evil” you had a lot heavier bass. Why did you transition into more vocal, melodic tracks for “Hear No Evil”?

I mean that was kind of the point for the three EP’s, that I could showcase all different styles. So I wanted to do one end of the spectrum and then another end and the third is going to be all collabs. The third one, “Speak No Evil” is all collabs like 12th Planet, Datsik, Schoolboy,  Frim, Getter, Big Gigantic, and Paper Diamond.


ES: So you played Summer Camp yesterday, how was that? How does it feel to go straight from there to here?

 It sucks.

ES: Does the travel affect your sets.

No, it affects right now (pre-show). I’m trying to get through it. I mean I landed in L.A. like 7 fly out tomorrow at 6 AM.

ES: Where are you headed next?

New York

ES: Right on, who are you playing with?


ES: That’s cool! So you came off that tour with Minnesota, how was that, playing with them at each show?

It was awesome. It was a great experience for me, it was really long though. It was like 36, to 37 shows in 45 days.

ES: So the travel killed you then too?

Kinda, not really though. I think my body got used to it. I totally crashed after though. When I got home I got sick and all that stuff. During the time, I was fine and it was cool.

ES: So the basic question, what got you into this?

I started producing hip-hop beats when I was like 13 or 14. I got signed to a hip-hop label when I was a freshman in High School. I did hip-hop like all through high school. Then I went to college at Arizona State and I heard Rusko, Caspa, and Datsik randomly, and kinda just like caught the bug and wanted to try it. So I gave it a shot. It was really bad for a while, but I eventually got the hang of it.

ES: How does it feel to be on Firepower? When did that happen?

I signed to Firepower probably 6 months ago. Datsik was playing a couple of my songs off my “Rotten EP” and I went and saw him here at Avalon when he was on the Firepower Tour. Getter introduced me.

ES: Are you friends with Getter? Are you guys chill?

Getter is one of my best friends. Yeah, I call him my right nut. So Getter introduced me and we starting talking from there. So I was already sitting on 15 tunes. All the tunes that are coming out, I made so long ago.

ES: That’s cool man, how has Firepower Records helped you as an artist?

They have helped me leaps and bounds. Datsik fucking put me on. I wouldn’t nearly be where I’m at without Datsik.

ES: What kind of music did your parents play in the house when you were a kid?

 Oldies. Earth Wind and Fire, James Brown, and Al Green, all that funky stuff. Also, like classic rock. The Rolling Stones are a big influence, and Led Zeppelin was all of the stuff I first got into.

ES: Do you think that has affected your production style in any way?

Maybe, but probably not, to be honest. It’s just my favorite kind of music. If anything, maybe more when I was doing hip-hop, cuz I was always sampling that kind of stuff. But now that I’m doing the electronic thing, not as much.

ES: What do you coming out in the next few months?

June 4th, “Hear No Evil” is coming out. I have a single called, “Bigger Than You And Me”. I have a remix of Terravita coming out. I have a remix of Flinch.

ES: Who do you want to collab with, and what collabs are coming out in the near future?

 Skism and Eptic for sure, me and 12th Planet just did a whole EP.

ES: Oh my god, no way! What’s the name of the EP?

The tracks don’t even have names yet. We made em’ all last week.