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Longtime DJ and producer Salva just banged out a killer remix of Compton rapper Problem‘s song, “Like Whaaat”.  Salva is most well-known for his and RL Grime‘s trappified rendition of Kanye West‘s “Mercy” which garnered some massive appeal. He’s back and he delivers again proving he can have his way with a track and make it stand out. From meshing samples and beats found in an out of the track to hyping the otherwise chill rap tune, this track is pretty solid.

Salva starts off amping up the energy pretty quickly, while keeping the vocals intact. As the track goes on he goes to work, slicing and dicing vocals and throwing in handclaps and background beats. All the while, the thumping basslines flow throughout the track, pretty much forcing head nods. Although it’s nice to read about, the real magic comes when you play this track through a decent pair of speakers. Have a listen for yourself and download it from Salva‘s Facebook page (linked on Soundcloud).