It’s been a long time since a sound so prolific has been able to manifest its own journey. Some albums take you somewhere for a song or two, others maybe a few more or a few less. Rarely do they take you on a mystical journey for a whole entire album. For a concept album to truly succeed the concept must be real, almost tangible, visible to not only one sense but also every sense; giving you a vision and a taste and a touch and a smell, and yes, even a sound. Wading does all this and more. It caters to all your senses, providing a montage to a serene adventure through foreign territory. Whether scampering through a rainforest, wading down river, or merely drifting with the tide pool, Moss of Aura accompanies you the whole way, not letting go for a second.

If you’re familiar with the Future Islands and its members, than the name Gerrit Welmers might ring a bell. Moss of Aura is Welmers’ solo project, and like the synthesizing electro art-pop group, it shines on all levels. What the album lacks in vocals, it makes up for in breathtaking melodies, taking experimental electronica and simplifying it into something much more pristine and much more beautiful. Since 2006, Welmers has been creating music under the Moss of Aura moniker, with successively self-releasing nearly an album or EP every year.

The 11-track record was recorded in Baltimore, MD far from where you’d think the tropical, paradisiacal sounds derive from. Where the album does draw influence from then, may be Welmers’ own hometown of Mitchell Village, NC. Here the shallow waters and wide lakes provide a barren utopia filled with nighttime sounds that Welmers most likely sampled himself. The album was recorded between months of heavy touring around the globe, and the inspiration definitely comes through on the album, with aspects drawing from culture everywhere. Wading might even be seen as an ode to life on the road, a tribute to the dizzying, disconcerting asylum of the tour. Wading sometimes reflects this oppressed and depressed nature, with dark and haunting encompassing tones. Yet it always manages to break free, bringing light where there is darkness and drawing a sliver lining through luminescent beats. A life motif by Welmers or a simple truth, irregardless there is more to take from this song than the sound it produces.

“Its deeply emotive synthscapes are left for the listener to interpret, with songs that can equally make you want to dance, rest your head, laugh, cry, or simply just be. Glowing melodies, infectious beats, shimmering keys, and mystery collide to form a sound that could only exist right now – a cosmic blend fit for any escape you choose.” – Friends Records

Like a bird soaring through the Andes, or a snake slithering through the Peruvian jungle, this album takes on its own natural journey, leaving it open to a subjective interpretation. Make of it what you will, interpret it how you want, and experience it as you may.

Perfect background music for anything, and perfect foreground music for everything.

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