In the blooming genre of EDM, there is one subgenre that seems to move at its own pace, and that is glitch hop. Despite support and tracks from scores of popular artists, glitch hop has seemed as if poised to break into the mainstream since its first popularization by Koan Sound. Yet more and more artists are dipping their tails into its promising funk and the genre is constantly evolving and changing depending on who it is making the songs.

Recently, an exciting new glitch hop producer has entered the scene and is putting his own spin on the genre. Joe Ford, out of the UK has been pumping out tracks that rival those of Koan Sound and Culprate as the best produced glitch hop. His newest song, “Bring the Bass”, is a perfect example of his unique yet recognizable style. It opens funky and retro, and then drops with some of the most original and complex bass work that the genre has seen. It grooves like the 1970 and slams like 2013. With support already from Koan Sound, Inspector Dubplate and UKF Dubstep, it seems as if Joe Ford can only go up.

Listen to “Bring the Bass” and grab a free download:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoU8E49m9EY&w=560&h=315]