If you’re looking for the ambiance of a club but the lineup of a true EDM event, Basscon at The Yost is the place for you. This Santa Ana club usually keeps its events 21 and over, but Friday May 3rd The Yost opened its doors to an 18 and over crowd for the Insomniac event titled “Basscon.” Starting at 9 p.m. the music raged until past 2 a.m., light shows and dancing in full swing. Five sets in one night gave Basscon a festival feel, but leave your fluffies and flower headbands at home for this one.

Audio Punk kicked off the evening with a steady set for the small, low-key crowd. The night bumped on with sets from DJ Venom, Lady Faith, and Kustki, the room filling up with concert-goers of all types: the kandi clad partier, the fist-pumping clubber, the all-business electronic aficionado. D-Block and S-Te-Fan rounded out the night with an energetic, pounding set that had the whole club on its feet. No matter what you were there for – the bar, the DJ’s, or the party – you were out and dancing for this set.

The venue is perfect for an electronic event, with a sizable dance floor and a large stage equipped for impressive lasers and light shows. The Yost is no stranger to the EDM scene, boasting that it hosted an earth-shattering show from Rusko the night before.

For those looking for a more relaxed evening, there’s a cash bar in the back. An additional bar and lookout area is located upstairs, ideal for viewing the show without getting swallowed by the pulsing crowd.

Attendees came to Basscon for various distinct reasons, yet no one was out of place. Though the hardcore raver may be disappointed by the more laidback club scene, there is no lack of energy at The Yost.


Contributing Writers: Olivia Andrews and Dor Chavoinik