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“STEAL THIS TRACK! Everyone is doing it! Take it, show it to your friends, send it to a label, or your favorite artist, put your name on it or maybe add a sick acapella, and whatever you do make sure you don’t give us credit!!! has been stealing tracks for years and look at how successful and rich he is! It’s our gift to you. We hope you enjoy.”

This is production duo Halfway House‘s message to you regarding their latest single, entitled ‘Steal This Track’. Though this is obviously a cheap attempt to channel the media buzz and blog coverage of Will.I.Am‘s latest shady antics, it resulted in a epic dancefloor smasher. The multiple drops of this song are all but sane, with a crazy lead and hardstyle drums providing most of the energy. Whether aptly named or not, it’s a solid release from the duo and it’s worth a listen.

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