Sometimes less is more, and some of the most legendary pieces in the industry have proven that by hooking us with their simplicity. It’s present in all forms of music like the opening chords of Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple to the 4 chord synth line of Deadmau5’s “Ghost n Stuff” that put him directly in the limelight of EDM. What an artist can do with such a simple piece of music, what vibe it gives off and how it makes you feel when you listen to it, makes the song something more than just a simple song. No one is better at this than Parisian Producer Gesaffelstein.

Gesaffelstein’s (real name Mike Levy) brand of electronic music takes the idea of 90’s electronica, house and techno and gives it a dark, powerful twist. He is among a rare breed of producers because he has maintained a sound that is part nostalgic and part innovative. Making tracks and remixes of many different styles, yet keeping his simple yet dark sound throughout almost all of them is something to behold. Though his original tracks like VIOL, Opr, Glass and Hatred are among crowd favorites, his remixes take the cake. He  manages to take a song, and makes it into a truly re-imagined monster of a track. His reworking of Duck Sauce’s goofy anthem “Big Bad Wolf” is a prime example. He took a “joke song” and made it into an intensely dark deep house smasher.

What he did here with international superstar electronica group Depeche Mode’s track “Goodbye” of their new album “Delta Machine” is simple yet truly remarkable. Gesaffelstein took a stellar blues-meets-electronica track and turned it into a downtempo electro-blues beast.  Taking the original riff and giving it a classic 808 bass feel with snares so loud and vibrant they make you almost flinch when it hits are truly something to behold. The vocals carry an echo that gives them a ghostly feel and sound inflections to carry you into the dark, incredible and genius mind of this young producer. This is what can be closely described as a great fusion track by true legends transformed into a beautiful, dark, chill out room kind of remix that only a legend in the making like Gesaffelstein could create.

If you are attending Day 2 of this year’s HARD Summer, I highly recommend catching his set. Having seen both his live  and DJ set, I can closely describe his performance as an epic experience not worth missing if you dig the darker side of electronic music.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfAV5qipPlk&w=560&h=315]