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Though the modern ‘trap banger’ is a lovely thing, another sect of trap has been blossoming in a much more laid back and intimate setting. It doesn’t really seem to have much of a universal name, but it is characterized by its smooth RnB feel and lilting melancholic chords. ‘Future Babymaking Music’ would be as apt a description as one could get, because it combines elements of trap and future bass with the sexiness of RnB.

One new producer, Wayvee, has taken the genre to a new level of subtle excellence with his recent remix of Ginuwine‘s song, ‘Pony’. The track is as smooth as it gets and the echoing reverberated vocals lift it to a new level. With a sub bass so low that it is only detectable through headphones or a sub, this song is not for your average trap fan.

The remix forgoes dropping hard to drop with beauty and melody. Much like Shlohmo‘s collaboration with or remixes of Jeremih, this and other songs off of Wayvee‘s most recent EP are bridging the gap between RnB and Trap and creating a fusion that is pleasing to the ears and soft on the mind.

Listen to the song here: