With dubstep’s large expansion into a gritty, dirtier feel and sound, it’s always a nice break to find an artist that takes a more melodic route with a synth created vibe. Flinch is one such artists. Adam Glassco, aka Flinch, is a veteran DJ who has evolved from drum and bass to electro and has now settled on a large range of dubstep that includes the more mellowed out style. He even occasionally incorporates lyrics in his tracks to further the moods that are created.

Fresh off his remix of Ellie Goulding‘s ‘Anything Can Happen’, Flinch has finally collaborated with this highly esteemed female vocalist to produce his brand new single ‘You Don’t Know’. The song has a Flux Pavilion feel to it though still staying unique to Flinch, showcasing his famous synth stylings of melodic dubstep. But you can’t forget Ellie’s vocals that properly complete this track making it a sure favorite for electronic dance music fans alike.

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