For this week’s First Look Friday, we’ve found a duo of trap musicians who may as far from the perceived center as one can find. DMNDZ is based in the far reaches of Omsk, Russia. Yet this is not the only thing that sets DMNDZ apart from their peers in the trap genre. Their unique fusion of old school dubstep and trendy trap make for a refreshing look at both of the genres that sounds both polished and heavy. Wobbles mix with 808 and warm pads to create a truly original sound.

We had the oppourtunity to interview with the two masterminds behind DMNDZ, Alexey Zaporozhec (DJ Al One) and Alexey Polishchuk (BeatMagik). See what they’re all about.

Electric Sloth: So, you guys are brand new on the scene and there’s barely any information online about you. Tell us a little about yourselves and your musical backgrounds?

BeatMagik: We are brand new in the EDM trap scene, but not a newbie in music in general. I have been making music almost 10 years, my main genre, which I specified in general is hip hop of all kinds. From Mainstream hip-hop, Dirty South, to old school hip-hop. I’m a part of Diamond Style Productions team who make a high quality top sound for Artists. I have my own record studio called Diamond Style Records. Also I’m owner of Elementary Muzik Label (which specified in Bass music of all kinds) and co-owner of Cold Sun Records label (which specified in Techno, Melodic Techno and Neo-Trance directions). Also personal I make dubstep like my side project under name BeatMagik. That’s only half of what I was doing in the music field.

DJ Al One: I started like a hip-hop DJ, I always love to work with sound. Later I studied mixing skills and sound producing. At present I am one of the best hip-hop DJs of the city. I make beats for my friends, local rap artists.

Electric Sloth:  How did you two meet and start producing together? What is the concept behind DMNDZ and how would you describe your music?

BeatMagik:  We have been working in my studio together for a long time. We met at a local hip-hop get-together many years ago. We occasionally worked together on various projects, but it was a one-time fee. We are now working together on a project and it’s amazing DMNDZ incarnation of two different ways of thinking in the same direction.

DMNDZ concept is a high quality musical things, we try to bring something new in this genre. We try to mix new ideas from Dubstep, Classic Trap, Electro, Drum & Bass and correctly implement all this things in EDM trap music. I really care about quality. Perfectionism – my headache. That is why you never hear bad mixing of the tracks from DMNDZ, and fans of our sound will be asking the question, “Dude, where did you get such a dopeass 808 ” lol

I think that our style may name more Trapstep than EDM Trap in the classical sense. We not sounds like Hucci tracks, or like UZ, Flosstradamus or like another big beasts from this genre. We try to bring something unique, something new in this game.

Electric Sloth: What do you guys do outside of music? Hobbies, jobs, school?

BeatMagik:  My music – my job – my Hobbie! I’m all for this every day. Every day I’m in the studio and doing my work on numerous musical projects. Besides i am the father, i have 2 sons.This is my musical life.

DJ Al One: Finished with school and university long time ago, music takes up almost all my time.

Electric Sloth: Who are your favorite artists? Who’s music has inspired DMNDZ the most?

BeatMagik: I’m a huge fan of many DubstepDrum&Bass artists from the EDM scene, and many Hip-Hop producers. From EDM scene it’s Diplo, Kill The Noise, Borgore, Pendulum (Knife Party), Sub Focus, Krewella, Wilkinson, and many many others!

Hip-Hop producers – Ryan Leslie, Pharrell Williams, Noah 40 Shebib, Hit-Boy, Bangladesh and many other new cats in this game.

DJ Al One: It is difficult to allocate any concrete, everyone is good. DMNDZ unites so many different things and ideas that is hard to find from where it occurs.

Electric Sloth:  You’re from one of the most removed locations from known EDM and trap hotspots. What’s the music scene like in Omsk, Russia? Do you play a lot of shows? Is most of your audience local?

BeatMagik: You may not belive but we have a very wack EDM scene here, in Omsk. We have 2-3 shows in a month which visits 20-50 peoples per each show. And it really sucks. Russian peoples usually not to go rush in clubs, not to party like you usually know it! Now we starting to make gigs in another cities, but it’s a slow and hard work.  We are better known even in the USA, than in the our city.

Electric Sloth:  Do you have a favorite song or songs that you’ve made? If so, why?

BeatMagik:  Almost all our tracks are faves to me. Because when we make something, we try to make it how we like and if likes to us, i can’t didn’t listen it after. All DMNDZ tracks in my fav playlist in iPod. Don’t lie, i’m serious.

DJ Al One:  Generally all that you do, isn’t possible to listen then to xD the reason for that that in the course of creation on the track it is listened so many time that as a result there is no wish to hear any more. I likely would highlight a remix on Seven Lions – Days To Come most likely because i very like the original.

Electric Sloth: What has been the best experience in your music career so far?

BeatMagik: Starting to make EDM music.


Electric Sloth: What does the future hold for DMNDZ? (Album? Signing to a label? Tour?)

BeatMagik: Now we have alot of unreleased material, collaborations that need to be done and released. After that we plan to make a few singles and EP, Signing to a label? Don’t know, looks on how it goes. Professional management? Yep, we talk about it now. Also we plan to make a Tour in USA on this summer. If everything works well, it will be excellent. We have a huge plans on DMNDZ, but let’s start from this.


Though it may be a while before they start a U.S. tour, they have been releasing a steady stream of quality releases throughout this past year and show no signs of slowing down. But don’t take our word for it, listen to some tracks from the dynamic duo and decide for yourself.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/89894265″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/79349600″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]