Since the release of this track fans of the original mix have broken out in a horrendous rage over french native David Guetta’s remix of Empire of the Sun’s “Alive.” The track in question is actually not bad and has been getting negative reviews everywhere it is heard. “Alive” comes to us to our ears with David Guetta’s signature style its a great track to dance your feet too and jam your way to work. The fans of Empire of The Sun have went through social media crying out,

“I dont wanna live on this planet anymore..”

“What a mess…. this is real bad crap…”

“Sucks big time….please don’t let this play anywhere…the original is awesome”

After some comments like this from the fans what do you think about this track? Is it a horrible train wreck that needs to be killed with fire? or is it actually a decent track?

Let the comments begin!