The two time grammy nominated DJ Dirty South is making a come back, this time bringing everything he has and more. He was invited into the honorary studios of BBC to do his own essential mix, where he not only showed off an array of different songs from his label, but some new tunes, which are available off his most recent album Speed Of Life. This essential mix is less focused on mixing and much more focused on carefully choosing the perfect tracks to demonstrate the divergence derived from his musical background.The mix truly proved the he could ‘mix things up a bit’, bringing different musical elements to the table unprecedented by Dirty South. He really delved into a new musical mindset ,and create a deeper and more artistic meaning behind the mix. He was able to gracefully fuse together both tracks from his new album and mix in a lot of his own personal favorites.

These two hours simply didn’t seem like enough. Through the mix, he figuratively opened his mind to us all, divulging the inner clockwork that makes Dirty South tick. There are two sides to this introspective DJ, one being the man we’ve all come to know and love, the other the man we just found out about, fortunately for us, they both make a symbiotic appearance on this ‘dirty’ mix.

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