In just five days, the wait will be over. The Invasion is one of the most anticipated dubstep releases of this year and promises not to disappoint. Due to a recent slew of previews uploaded to the Destroid YouTube Channel, we now know much of what to expect from the upcoming album. What’s surprising? Most of it isn’t, by definition, dubstep. What’s not surprising? It’s still phenomenal.

Yesterday, ‘Destroid 4. Flip the Switch’ by Excision & Messinian, ‘Destroid 5. Activation’ by Downlink, and ‘Destroid 6. Put It Down’ by Excision & Bassnectar were added to the list of known songs from the album, and they do not disappoint. They have the sheer brutality and effective simplicity that we’ve seen in Excision‘s previous work and pack a serious punch.

‘Flip the Switch’ is a drumstep song chock-full of gritty bass growls where Excision is joined by rapper and frequent collaborator, Messinian. The next preview, that of Downlink‘s solo track, ‘Activation’, strays even farther from the dubstep genre. Though the genre is hard to tell, it could be best described as a mixture between dubstep and hardstyle, featuring an energetic triplet wobble and a beat that is built for the dance floor. The most notable preview is that of Excision‘s collaboration with fellow dubstep legend, Bassnectar. Both are famed for their attention to bass and their heavy drops, and their song, ‘Put It Down’, delivers nothing less than that, but in a style that the pair is less known for, Drum and Bass. Everything about this song makes it stand out as the best of the best in this Destroid release, however there are still three songs yet to be officially released (although if you look hard enough you might find a leak of Destroid 7, another collaboration between Excision  and Space Laces that is a force to be reckoned with).

Listen to ‘Put it Down’ below and head to the YouTube channel linked above to hear the rest of the previews and released tracks off of the album.

“The Invasion is upon us, elevate your existence now or be Destroid.”
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsJ6rL2Uk6c]