Daft Punk

Today is a day reserved entirely for Daft Punk’s upcoming album, Random Access Memories.  Considering its expected release date, May 21st, its a treat that this preview came a few days early. If you haven’t heard already, the duo just released their entire album as a free stream on iTunes for a limited time, and you must check it out. The album can be streamed here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/random-access-memories/id617154241 by clicking view in iTunes.

As to be expected, the album has also leaked track for track. We won’t disclose the source, but it isn’t too difficult to find. Considering how this is the most highly anticipated album release from Daft Punk, it’s not too hard to believe it would happen. Whatever your preferred method of album listening is, be sure to listen in. We were promised some soul, and that’s what we got; all 13 glorious tracks of it.