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Major Lazer have been the pioneers of both Moombahton, Trap and Dancehall for a couple years now, yet in their latest remix of Dada Life‘s ‘Boing Clash Boom’, they appear to be the ones drawing influence from another artist, Gent & Jawns. Whether they realize it or not, this remix is very reminiscent of Gent & Jawns‘ remix of Diplo‘s ‘Express Yourself’, yet not enough so that it obviously drew from it. This remix has a killer groove and the first drop is full of 808 booms and chopped vocals that are sure to get people jumping, twerking, cooking, or doing whatever other ratchet activities people engage in at Major Lazer concerts. The second drop changes it up even more when they throw in a staccato lead that develops the track even further. The listeners are kept on their feat throughout the whole remix, wondering just where it will go next, and knowing that wherever it goes will be better than the last.

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