With a release from Knife Party yesterday and dubstep supergroup Destroid, this may not be the best week to release your debut electronic EP. However, a newcomer to the scene, Conte, has done just that and this EP holds its own against EDM’s latest and greatest. 

Jack Conte has been releasing brilliant music in a more alternative rock/indie style since 2007 and has garnered a significant following due to his creative DIY methods, his engaging videos and most importantly his unique songwriting and style. However, he caught the EDM community’s eye recently with his phenomenal Daft Punk Skrillex Mashup Video, which came from seemingly out of the blue.

Now with the release of his first EDM EP as Conte, we can start to see just what he’s about as an electronic musician, and we like what we see. Almost a polar opposite from his previous style, Conte does not skimp on the heavy basses and glitchy stutter cuts that pervade the whole EP. It is reminiscent of a very funky Skrillex and combines the elements of melody and grit flawlessly, however he adds the element of his own vocals, which create another layer of complexity and emotion throughout the music. The most exciting part of the album is the hints of real instruments that bleed through in “Pedals”, which allude to a possible future integration of instruments and traditional songs into electro.

Conte has released the album for free through a Kickstarter-like website which he created (being incredibly musically talented obviously wasn’t enough) called Patreon. Pick up the EP HERE ( and if you feel so obligated sign up as a patron, because Conte releases and creates all his songs and videos without a record label or any funding. Speaking of videos, watch the video for a song off the EP, ‘Pedals’, which features real robots.