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Though Dubstep seems to be waning in its popularity and influence, it is far from a dying breed, and the latest release from Firepower Records proves just that. Carvar and Clock‘s ‘Miskatonik EP’ singularly encompasses some of the freshest and most exquisite displays of dubstep, trap, drumstep and even heavy metal in a 4 song EP and does it with a sense of style that is sure to take them far.

The title track opens the EP with a cinematic and dark intro, only to break into a string driven trap groove which features bursts of hi hat and a tight snare that ties it all down. It then brings in unexpectedly gritty reese basses for a drop that hits far harder than your average trap banger. ‘Miskatonic’ is one dirty, distorted, agressive mess that combines the energy of dubstep and the bounce of trap.

The next song featured on the EP is the equally gritty ‘SYZYGY’, which provides a very fresh approach to drumstep in mixing it with trap. Though the drops feature more distorted, grimey reese basses and dubstep drums, the intro sections and bridge are undeniably trap. The trap tendencies even carry out through the drop, but are overshadowed for the most part by the sheer magnitude of the bass work.

As if the genre blending and different approach on the two original songs of the EP wasn’t enough, the Must Die! remix of ‘Miskatonik’ adds metal to the mix to create a dubstep song that is equal parts distorted guitar and dubstep bass. It invokes the likes of Dirtyphonics‘ ‘Walk in the Fire’ or Excision and Skism‘s ‘Sexism’ with it’s aggressive dubstep rock fusion. The next remix of ‘Miskatonik’ by drum and bass and neurofunk producer Joe Ford, takes a more traditional approach to drumstep, but does it beautifully. The basses are both distorted and deep while still crystal clear in the mix. Every detail and twist in the rhythm is heard perfectly and the production brings out nuances in a genre that is rarely nuanced.

As a whole, this EP is truly a bass music masterpiece. It pushes boundaries and reinvents every genre that appears on it. Check out the EP on Beatport and listen to a Promo Mix which also features songs from other Firepower artists.

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