It’s a rare occurrence that previews or even first singles impress me. Usually they are released to push the album or grab new ears with a catchy tune so generally when I hear one of those I disregard it. So, when I saw that Tiesto had released a preview with Kyler England I was skeptical. Within 90 seconds, it managed to do something that no preview has done in a while; it captured my senses and moved my feet immediately.

The new song is called “Take Me” and let me tell you, it takes you and flies into space. Harboring the signature sound and melodic, euphoric beats that Tiesto is known for and the soft exquisite vocals of Kyler England, it is a smash hit waiting to be uncaged.

This is only 90 seconds of sweet bliss right now but the rest of this track will be released on May 14th. Check it out and let yourself be taken away!