Before there was David Guetta , Deadmau5, Avicii, and Swedish House Mafia, house music was dominated by a funkier batch of producers throwing down something a little different. 2007 through 2009 was truly Fidget House’s golden age. With incredibly popular tracks like “Day n Nite (Crookers Remix)” By Kid Cudi and “Warp 1.9” by The Bloody Beetroots, the funky and incredibly noisy take on house music was all the buzz. Having grown up with electronic acts such as The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, and The Prodigy, I tend to gravitate towards more unusual, noisier tracks. After seeing Crookers and Bloody Beetroots at Coachella in 2009, I fell in love with the all too familiar fidget house sound. Diving into the genre, I discovered many great tracks, but the one that stuck with me the most out of all them was Fake Blood’s “Mars”. The 90’s house drum beat, strange sound inflections and the down tuned bumble bee sounding bass line got me hooked to it instantly. Fake Blood, formerly DJ Touche, or Theo Keating, is one of my favorite DJ/Producers of all time because his tracks are incredible; his unique sound is truly unique and addictive. His remixes are even better than his original work, transforming the song into a Fake Blood smasher while maintaining many elements of original, unlike many DJs. His remixes for Armand Van Helden’s classic “I Want Your Soul” and Little Boots’ “Stuck On Repeat” are my personal favorites.

This Rework of The Black Ghost’s “Forgetfulness” shows a classic Fake Blood MO by taking a funky track, and making it even funkier. He throws in a lot of his unique sound into the intro, when the vocals and synth line kicks in, they gave me chills with their almost haunting presentation. Then came the drop, very mellow yet incredibly funky, the bass line and beat made me start dancing in my chair and bobbing my head. I have yet to hear a remix of his that hasn’t had this effect on me. This remix is an incredible 6 Minute Jam and Fake Blood, a true master of his craft, remains one of Electronic Music’s best names.

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