In all of the years I’ve been in the Electronic Music scene, the one type or sub-genre of Electronic Music I’ve had trouble liking is Hardstyle. Though it’s a wildly popular sound throughout the Electronic community. I can’t stand the repetitive “Dun Dun Dun” Bass line or the “epic” synth lines throughout. I tried my best to enjoy acts such as Headhunterz, Zany, or Technoboy. But it wasn’t anything I could enjoy for over 5 minutes. But recently, with more and more “Genre Fusions” becoming very popular lately, Hardstyle has shown a new light, with Kill The Noise’s Trap/Hardstyle smasher “Mosh It Up” transitioning between Hardstyle and Trap structures flawlessly and Will Bailey’s Trap/Hardstyle (or Trapstyle if you may) “Salty” doing the same. I enjoy the combination of Genres, and this most recent outbreak of “Dubstyle” (Dubstep and Hardstyle’s fusion) has turned out to be a great sound as well. Dubstyle tends to have strong wobble bass lines and take the kick drum styling of Hardstyle tracks, whilst combining them with the rhythm, groove, and tempo of Dubstep and results in a fusion of elements of Hardstyle with a Dubstep rhythm, usually a 2 Step or a Breakbeat rhythm. Because of the non-straightened beat in Dubstyle, the bass is often more dragged out and/or it doesn’t follow a strict offbeat pattern that regular Hardstyle incorporates, which in turn results in Dubstyle bass lines bearing similarities to Dubstep bass lines. The first mainstream Dubstyle track was Headhunterz & Brennan Heart’s “The MF Point of Perfection”. And though I wouldn’t consider a preview to really be a “release”, this collaboration between Showtek and Noisecontrollers shows promises of being the new go to club banger.

With an epic build up synth line and a memorable sample before the drops. The first drop is very Hardstyle, guaranteed to make people jump, and the second shows the combination of a Hardstyle beat and an aggressive Dubstep Bass Line, which I can only imagine will make people freak out when they hear it. Very interesting sound, a great track with great potential, can’t wait to hear more tracks of this nature!

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