Henry Laufer, A.K.A. Shlohmo, the avant-garde surrealist hip-hop producer started making music when he was 14. Many years later, under the banner of the Friends of Friends eclectic record label, Shlohmo continues to create unconventional and innovative sounds, unlike any of his ‘competition’.

Shlohmo’s first full-length album, ‘Bad Vibes’, a huge promotional success, conjured some of the most original sounds in the electronic scene. What’s awfully strange about this EP, is he still manages to pull more rabbits out of the hat. Every trick/track makes you sink deeper and deeper into your subconscious  and by the time the EP’s over, you’ll have wondered where the last 30 minutes have gone.

If you thought he’d just take a break, complete his nationwide tour, and relax a little, you were dead wrong. Shlohmo has literally and figuratively ‘Laid Out’ 5 new tracks on this stunning Exclusive Premiere, which is just as handsome as any of its precursors.  What makes this EP different however, is the same thing that continues to make Shlohmo different; everything. From the downright dirty bass that synthesizes to your heartbeat, to the vocals that are nearly as indistinguishable as the synths. He continues to magically create new sounds, tempting and teasing with every rackety drum beat that is so offbeat you never know when it’s coming, yet so perfectly syncopated you’re not quite sure you ever want it to leave. What predominately separates all the tracks from ‘Bad Vibes’ however, is the lack of ‘natural’ sounds. Less a drunken backyard night-trip stumble, and more a deep cozy RnB tone, that resonates even more distinctively. What the EP lacks in the pitter-patter of rainfall or the chirpiness of birds that made ‘Bad Vibes’ so popular, it makes up for in well produced, well arranged chord progressions that take you on a journey from one chasm of time and space to another. It also lacks the VCR fuzziness of his last album, and instead has a carefully produced sound, that you could almost envision someone heavily rapping over. Yet you don’t want someone to rap over it, because each song is perfect the way it is. Anything more, anything less, and it wouldn’t quite be what it is, and that’s what separates Shlohmo’s songs from everyone else’s; the immeasurable eccentricity.

The opening song, ‘Don’t Say No ft. How To Dress Well’ samples crazy vocals that implement themselves as instrumental loops, yet still retain the glossy ambience that makes them so relatable and likeable. This same forefront that Shlohmo most heavily relies on throughout the EP continues until the 4th and 5th song, where the vocals die out into a purely electronic experience. Honestly, this is where the album dies down, and as amazing as the first three tracks are, the last two can’t quite compete, purely because of the amazing vocal arrangement in the first three. ‘Out Of Hand’ features ghostly vocals underlined with ethereal synths that combine to make the most rhythmic track.  Where Laufer’s most recent EP ‘ Vacation’ uses more poppy distinguishable tracks, ‘Laid Out’s’ middle song ‘Later’ goes the extra mile to distort the vocals beyond apprehension, removing all prefixes of poppiness. The last two tracks belong together, like peanut butter and jelly, melting together on the white bread that is this EP.

‘Laid Out’ is unhealthily good, almost to the point where it kills you. Its biggest flaw is that it ends. Put it on repeat and good luck telling your friends where you’ve disappeared to for the last week. Knowing Shlohmo, a new album is inevitably already in the works, and if history serves us justly, it’s going to be even better than the last.