shlohmo bad vibes res

In a world filled to the brim with DIY electronic artists trying to break through, it can be really hard to make a name for yourself. Finding a truly unique sound and voice, and getting that out to the masses is no shortcoming. There is a man who has no trouble doing all of this and more, combining a plethora of unique taste to a somewhat congested genre, and that man is 21 year old Henry Laufer, also known as Shlohmo. The man definitely knows how to stand out in a crowded room, and with numerous EP’s and full-length albums under his belt; Bad Vibes is just another bass-resonating step in the right direction.

The word original is tossed around all too effortlessly these days, with electronic artists sampling everything and anything they can get their hands on. What Shlohmo accomplishes however, is creating something truly original, whilst keeping the same pulsing, cinematic beats that artists such as Flying Lotus are known for. Describing his music as ‘night time back yard noises’, Shlohmo combines a peachy fuzz with an almost cassette sound whilst sampling everything down to rain in ‘seriously’ and bird chirps in ‘big feelings’. Although Bad Vibes is a great album as a whole, each song seamlessly blending into one another, there are some songs that truly stand out. ‘Places’ with it’s warm fluffy bass, syncopated vocals, and tasteful progression makes it the standout on an album truly filled with songs that aren’t far behind. Cynical people may have problems with the overuse of the VHS/tape player sound, or the chill-step that all the songs encompass, but if you can get past that, and recognize the beauty and complicated simplicity that melts through your ears, you will have no trouble in feeling right at home.

Each song plucks a striking chord, whether it’s the snappy groove of ‘same time’ or the distorted feedback of ‘trapped in a burning house’. Shlohmo has managed to pick apart and dissect a genre, transplanting all the instrumentations that remind us why we like music so much. If Bad Vibes is a sign of what’s to come, then my goodness, there are about to be some really good vibes.