Last night at the Matador Music Festival in Santa Barbara, California, Porter Robinson’s set was cut short at 11:00 PM by the Santa Barbara Police. Robinson was scheduled to play till 11:30 but when the police decided they were going to intervene, things got dicey. Robinson was told right before he was going to play his track ‘Language’, that he was going to have to stop playing. Instead, he refused to deny the audience of the performance they were promised and had paid for and attempted to play one last song, the fan favorite, ‘Language’. On twitter, Robinson explains his side of what happened:

This led to the power being cut completely. Police accused Robinson of “inciting a riot” by not heeding to the words of officers and threatened to confiscate his equipment and arrest him.

While it is currently unclear as to the reason for the festival’s shut down, what is known is that Robinson isn’t happy about it, and rightfully so. He took to Twitter last night to vent.

In a final statement of frustration, Robinson tweeted this:

It is baffling and infuriating that a festival as big as the Matador Music Festival would be shut down 30 minutes before its scheduled end for seemingly no reason. It seems as if it is another police act in their war on EDM. However, Porter Robinson acted with maturity far beyond his 20 years in calmly addressing a crowd and attempting to at least end the show early on a good note, without freaking out or actually trying to incite a riot like many others would surely do. It is unfortunate that the Santa Barbara Police didn’t respond with the same maturity and instead threatened him and falsely accused him of attempting to incite a riot, when in fact he was trying to end the show in a way that was fair to the fans and complied with the order to stop playing.

As you can see, festival goers weren’t happy about the police intervention either, but seem to respect and support the actions of Porter:

It will be interesting to see why such a large and official event got shut down. There is is curently no attribution of fault to Disco Donnie Presents and Collective Effort Events, those in charge of production for Matador. We will update this story when more information reveals itself.