Originally from Los Angeles, California, Jason Parris, who goes by simply Parris, is an up and coming producer to look out for. Although still in his first year of university, he has already worked with the likes of Lucky Date and Zedd and is playing an upcoming show with the mashup master, 3lau. For his most recent single, he’s featured the talented singer, Audio Jaxx, in a song full of good melodies and good vibes. ‘Shout’ is truly progressive house at its best, with a warm intro based around quasi-piano chords and a stellar buildup before a surprise half time section which showcases the vocals and builds the tension even more. The song drops with a melody and chords that are sure to get both clubs and stadiums bouncing.

The formula is nothing new, but it is executed excellently and with a riff and vocals that make it stand out. All in all, it is a feel good anthem that could just as easily see success with the pop audience as well as the house audience. Keep your eyes open for Parris, because you’ll likely be seeing him in a lot of places.

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