After making a name for himself through releases on labels like Pretty Lights Music and Mad Decent and touring with Excision, experimental electronic artist Paper Diamond has stirred the genre up once more with his newly released Paragon EP. This EP showcases his versatility and sound as an artist. To put the Paragon into a single genre would be misleading, as throughout the course of the EP, dubstep songs collide with trap songs, which sidle up next to four-on-the-floor throwback tunes and atmospheric chilled out glitch hop. All the genres in the EP still sound exactly like Paper Diamond, and have an airy, meditative quality that they all share.

Though the EP is in tune with itself completely and all the tracks go together well, songs almost fail to stand out as entities of their own, and simply fade into the chill vibes of the listening experience as a whole. To combat this, Paper Diamond welcomes a cast of rappers, singers and producers to collaborate with him, and their influences help make songs stand out and break up the sometimes monotonous vibe of the album.

Angela McCluskey adds heavily processed vocals to contribute to the deep hip hop feel of XIX while Jay Fresh joins in with an original rap verse in Waste My Time before it launches its funky trap-inspired dubstep groove.  In the most exciting collaboration and song on the album, PaperHype, Paper Diamond is joined by Firepower Records own Protohype to produce a high energy dubstep song that still manages to fit the feel of the album. Other standouts include They Can’t Tell Me Nothing and Like a Summer Breeze.

Though the EP is not groundbreaking, it’s still a great listen. The textures are crafted beautifully and it creates a relaxing album that still manages to keep your interest spiked by changing tempo, genre and adding the ocasional vocal feature. All in all, it is another solid release from Paper Diamond as his sound continues to mature.

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