In 2011, British producer and singer-songwriter James Blake released his eponymous debut LP.  This album was met with universal acclaim and was considered the 12th best album of 2011 by Pitchfork.  Blake takes elements from neo soul and R&B music, and combines them with a more electronic sound, taking influence from more traditional dubstep.

Overgrown is Blake’s follow up to his debut LP.  This album features a collaboration with RZA, from Wu-Tang Clan, as well as a guest feature with legendary producer, Brian Eno.  This album starts strongly with its title track Overgrown, taking you in with drums, bass, and a very interesting and bone chilling melody.  The album continues strongly with I Am Sold, a very solid track that starts with quiet piano and vocals and builds into a very textural, bass heavy tune.  One of the highlights of this record is the collaboration with RZA.  The track Take a Fall for Me is a track where you can hear that Blake let RZA just work his magic with the beat.   Retrograde, the first single in support of the album, is probably the most soulful of tracks on the album.  With a very catchy hook, this song will have you grooving hard.

Overgrown is a phenomenal follow up to Blake’s 2011 debut.  He manages to explore new ideas while keeping his signature sound mixture of R&B and Electronic music.  Blake moves from the singer songwriter vibe he had on his first album, to a more “headspace” like sound.  It might take listeners a couple of listens to get into the vibe of the album, but once there, they will easily get lost in Blake’s melodic bass music.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p6PcFFUm5I&w=560&h=315]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5AMmWdW8As&w=560&h=315]