For those of you who are not familiar with the genre Moombahton, it’s a combination of House Music, Dutch House in particular, and Reggaeton. It commonly consists of Dutch House Synths and a Reggaeton beat slowed down to a Mid-Tempo (105 Bpm – 115 Bpm) range. Though a fairly young genre, it’s popularity has increased immensely in the past 2 years with Moombahton Stars like Nadastrom( Dave Nada, one half of the duo Nadastrom, is credited with conceptualizing the genre), Sabo, Bro Safari, Tittsworth, Munchi, Dillon Francis.  Other big name DJ/Producers creating Moombahton tracks include the likes of Diplo, Knife Party, Skrillex, Delta Heavy and many others. Moombahton is one of my favorite sub-genres of electronic music because I enjoy the synth lines and the beat so much. The beat, in my opinion, feels a lot more organic than most electronic beats and it grooves very well at a mid-tempo speed.

Who would be better to start my weekly segment on the Genre then with one of it’s best names, ETC!ETC!. What I love most about Jose Guerrero, a.k.a. ETC!ETC!’s original tracks and remixes is how he chops up audio samples while managing to change the pitch and mash it up together flawlessly. This is a very well produced track in my opinion because the drums are put together amazingly, throwing in varying fills to avoid having a simple repeating moombahton beat throughout the whole song (lots of moombahton tracks are guilty of this). The buildup is solid and drop isn’t too loud or aggressive, which I enjoy. The synth line is incredibly catchy and has a great thumping bass line to carry it. Great Track!

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