19 year old British Dubstep producer, xKore has been turning heads with his originals and remixes and for some time has been regarded as one of the premier producer in the Drumstep sub-genre of Dubstep. Much like those of his contemporaries, Figure and Delta Heavy, all his songs drop heavy and energetic. And now, with his second Modestep remix, one of ‘Saved The World’, he continues the hard hitting path that he has been on since his beginning in 2008.

This new remix definitely has xKore written all over it. It starts out sounding a lot like the original, with the smooth vocals that Modestep’s music is so revered for. Though nice, this thankfully doesn’t last for long. When the whip snaps and the drop comes, it brings with it some of the grimiest, dirtiest basses that we’ve heard in any xKore release. He utilizes his signature distorted bass and interlays it with a spiking high lead part that complements it wonderfully. The energy is ridiculously high, as we’ve come to expect from xKore and truly transforms the already great original into a dance floor menace.

This is definitely one of the best drumstep releases of the year so far, although it is no surprise coming from xKore. The future certainly looks bright for this young man.

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