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As great as the trap genre is, there are very few artists who can consistently put out quality songs in the trap music genre. One of those producers happens to be Phoenix’s own, Luminox. His new single, ‘Tantrum’, does not break that trend with it’s hype-y production and colossal drops. The beginning and build up are filled with the rapid 808 snare rolls that have come to define trap which build it up until the track drops with a high pitch-bending lead to topple dancefloors.

Unfortunately, after the brilliant first drop, Luminox compromises the value of the song by adding in a buildup section and drop that sound almost identical to Eptic’s smash hit, ‘Like a Boss’ (seriously, go listen Though the second drop grooves like hell, it is simply too derivative of the sound and melody that Eptic uses. Whether it was intentional or not, it is unfortunate, because it mars a song that was otherwise flawless. Go listen, it’s still Luminox.

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