Lucky Date has always has solid tracks, so I was looking forward to hearing his new track; “Fantom”.  This track has some great mood changes, one moment it’s big and epic, with washy synths and the snare on all fours, then it builds to a tight groove with just bass drum and a bass/lead pattern. Just when I’m really feeling it, he sends me over a cliff into a spacey crystalline chamber.  Then we build again back to a variation on the main groove.  He really knows how to manipulate the ups and downs of a dance track.  Just when I’m about done with a section, it moves on and becomes something more.

While I wouldn’t call the track “ground breaking” it is really fun to listen to.  The sounds are all solid, and the groove is infectious. However, I wouldn’t mind a little more development before we move away to the next section. There are moments when the groove is really great and could stand another go round with an additional element or variation before dropping down into a sonic valley.   I have no doubt he knows what he is doing and really uses good ideas and techniques, but I get the feeling that maybe either his attention span, or his assumption of the listener’s attention span is rather short.  Still, it’s a fun track shows that Lucky Date likes to keep it moving and changing, building and dropping, taking us on an exciting ride….So hang on!

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