I never thought paint and EDM would go together, but then I experienced Life in Color. A full event revolving around, quite literally, “Going hard in the paint”.

I was very unsure of how to prepare for the show. Should I just come in the nude to avoid damaging my clothes? Should I come in a pancho or try to avoid the paint entirely? After talking to a friend that had been to an LIC event last year, I found out I had nothing to worry about. The paint is water based and would all come out just by washing it normally.
I showed up in a solid white shirt, and by the end of the night it turned into this funky orange-pink color with trails of green and blue all over it.

Besides the allure of getting covered in paint, LIC always brings some serious talent to their shows. Swanky Tunes was the headliner in San Diego and they brought a killer set full of energy that had the crowd jumping from start to finish. The crowd had minimal pushing and there were no fights that I saw. Overall it was an extremely pleasurable event that I would highly recommend for any EDM fan looking for a new experience.

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