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Based out of Belo Horizonte, Brasil, Dirtyloud is one of a select few producers at the top of the Complextro sect of Electro. Their dirty, bassheavy, glitchy funk has defined the genre in recent years and this song is a prime example of that style. Their remix of Damage Control, by Lazy Rich and Hirshee utilizes the smooth vocals of the original and then tears the track up when it drops. Heavy drums and a gritty bassline are the staples of the track, however they are overlaid with the bass stabs, wobbles and microcuts that define the Complextro genre.

Even in Dirtyloud’s own words, they “admit this tunes first drop has quite a Far Too Loud vibe,” but the second drop changes the sound up completely to something of their own. The sound switches to a much more minimal feel, with just four on the floor and a simple bassline. Just when you’re wondering if it will develop further, they start adding in flashes of the previous drop and building it up further. There is not a single point when this track bores the listener, because Dirtyloud keeps it moving and developing, and their sound is funky and defined. This is definitely one of the standout Complextro tracks of 2013.


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