krewella fob It seems that rising stars of the EDM scene, Krewella, and overall fan favorite Fall Out Boy may be spending some time together lately. A video was posted yesterday April 28th, that seems to show Patrick Stump nodding enthusiastically to his vocals recorded over a typical Krewella dubstep track. While this potential collaboration may turn some heads, it isn’t so far-fetched seeing as Fall Out Boy has worked with a variety of different artists including Lil Wayne, Pharell Williams, and just recently Elton John. The members have all dabbled in their own side projects such as Pete Wentz’ short-lived electro outfit Black Cards, and Stump’s soulful solo career that was known to feature some electronics as well. It is hard to see this being a hoax, because Stump’s vocals and Krewella’s musicianship are so distinct and recognizable.

Krewella is has been blowing up in a big way, and this certainly won’t hurt their hype or popularity. In fact, this is an exciting and ambitious collaboration that will hopefully start a trend of bridging genres and incorporating real and well-produced dubstep into a more pop setting.

See the video here: