Ethan Davis and Josie Martin are EDM’s next big thing.  Since April 2012, they have been releasing music under the name ‘Candyland’.  They hit it big when they won two Beatport competitions (back to back) for remixing Bingo Player’s ‘Rattle’ and Skrillex’s ‘Make It Bun’ Dem,’ and have continued their incredible rise to fame since.  Their debut album, ‘Bring The Rain,’ found its way to the number one spot on Beatport’s dubstep, electro, drum and bass, and glitch hop top 100.  Their most notable songs include their insane remix of Darude’s classic dance-floor anthem ‘Sandstorm,’ their collaboration with Big Chocolate ‘It’s A Shark,’ and their OG remix of Lil’ Jon’s ‘Snap Your Fingers.’  Candyland continually dominates every genre they venture into, whether it be trap, drum and bass, electro house, dubstep, etc.  They are currently on tour with stops in Denver, Boston, Dallas, and Chicago as well as Boonstock and Meltdown Music Festivals over the next two months. Be sure to get your tickets!

Recently, Electric Sloth got the chance to catch up with these incredibly talented producers, and find out what they’re all about.  Take a look for a little inside scoop on your new favorite obsession:

ES: What originally brought you two together, and how did you start producing as a result of that?

C: A mutual friend asked me to DJ Ethan’s birthday party. Thats where we met. We started DJing together after that and it snowballed from there.

ES: If it wasn’t mentioned in the latter answer, why did you start producing?

C: When we started we had no intention of making our own music. We were DJing probably about a year before the scene really started to take off. Everyone in town would only let their friends DJ all the good house parties so we decided to just start making our own music so people would ASK us to play.

ES: Who did you guys draw the most inspiration from at the beginning of your careers, and has it (inspiration) changed?

C: I’d say Skrillex because of his production and ability to explore new genres well. Well, him and Knife Party.

ES: I know your music kind of varies from trap to dub to electro to moombah, so tell me, what would be your guys’ favorite genre to produce?

C: I wouldn’t say there is a favorite; we put out whatever is our favorite at the time. Trap is always fun because people always seem to respond really well to it.

ES: How long does it take you to get through producing one song from the creative process to the finished product?

C: Ethan can sometimes finish a track in hours or in weeks or months, really depends.

ES: What is the best venue/set you’ve ever played and why?

C: Columbia, South Carolina. It was our first Life In Color and our first out door venue. It was an incredible experience I will never forget.

ES: What can we expect from you in coming months as far as releases go?

C: A bunch of music, lots of vocals, and of course OG remixes.

Check out some of the super-duo’s tunes:

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