Flume, or Australian born electronic producer Harley Streten is another wunderkind to spawn from down under. With acts like Knife Party and Jonti really advancing the electronic scene in Australia, it’s no surprise that another virtuoso has stepped up from amongst their midst.  At a time when age seems to be no barrier, and each producer is startlingly younger than the one before, Flume would nearly have to be the youngest of all.

After having found a music production program at the bottom if his cereal box at just 13 years old, Flume’s obsession with all things synthetic began. His addiction for plug-ins, sample packs and vintage analogue hardware was unparalleled amongst his high school peers. His modest beginnings came when he won a record store competition, which led to a recording contract and his debut EP ‘Sleepless’. Now, Streten is just over 20 years old, already with a full-length album and EP under his belt.

Instead of focusing on his latest self-titled debut album, ‘Flume” which is definitely worth a checkout, what’s even more amazing is the EP that won him the recording contract. ‘Sleepless’ was Flume’s debut EP and packed enough “lush pads, chopped and chipmunked vocals, saw synths and intricate percussion to impress any fan of Hudson Mohawke, Flyiing Lotus, Seekae or Space Dimension Controller.” Future Classics, an Australian record company, discovered and signed Flume after he sent them the tracks that would eventually be compiled and released as the ‘Sleepless’ EP. Featuring three songs, “Sleepless”, “Over You”, and “Paper Thin”, which combine effortlessly lush melodies and crisply edited vocals to a short but nevertheless impactful EP. The first song features ‘Jezzabell Doran’, and the second ‘Anthony For Cleopatra’, which is why they are definitely the standouts on the EP, bringing great vocal tracks that Flume compliments with his seamless bass tracks. The foremost of these three original tracks, “Sleepless”, landed #12 on the Triple J Hottest 100 and list, and acquired over 2 million hits on YouTube.

Flume has now received international acclaim, producing music like no other electronic dance producer of his time. His music sends you into a trancelike hiatus, best played at 1am in the morning while driving down the coastal highway. Bringing Australia’s EDM scene to the forefront, expect to see more of this talented man very, very soon.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7-yAX9ijuM&w=420&h=315]