First Look Friday is a time when we at Electric Sloth get to choose an artist who has less than 10,000 likes on Facebook that we feel is making interesting music or on the verge of breaking out. This week’s feature is 22 year old Daniel Bruin, who produces dubstep, garage and bass music in general under the name Skit. For this First Look Friday, we even got an exclusive interview with Daniel, which you’ll be able to read if you scroll down further into this feature.

Skit has been making music since 2009, and since then has been played on well known radio stations and blogs including Vital FM, Ministry of Sound Radio and Get Darker TV. With support from Koven, Boy Kid Cloud, Helicopter Showdown, Reid Speed, Habstrakt, Telmini, Katie Karma, Jogo, Syrebral, Symbiotic, Cottonmouth, Koya, Hooky, Pote, and Archie Cane among many others, Skit seems poised to make a serious impact on the world of electronic music.

Skit’s music travels all across the bass music spectrum, entering into deep garage tracks with warm pads and round subs (‘Intimate’, ‘Almost Doesn’t Count’, ‘T.I.L. Till I Die’) and then making a foray into earthshaking dubstep songs (‘Lose It’, ‘Stay Gold’, ‘Calling’,’Vagabond’). Skit even ventures into hip hop beats, trap music, glitch hop and ambient music, all of which can be heard on his soundcloud along with the aforementioned songs.

Skit’s dubstep songs are top notch. His drops are uncluttered and sparse, but that does not stop them in any way from hitting as hard as any. His basses are gritty and deep and his leads and melodies complement the rest of the tracks beautifully. On top of being an excellent producer and bassmaker, Skit also has an incredible knack for crafting beautiful, luscious textures and soundscapes that ensnare the listener in wistful bliss. These are then joined by light metallic percussion and deep sub bass to create his masterful garage and bass music songs.
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We were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Skit about producing, inspirations, collaborations and what the future holds in store for this young producer. Here’s what he said:

ES: Why did you originally get into producing music, and when did this happen?

Skit: I started producing in 2009 when I started studying music technology at college and if I’m completely honest I only enrolled on the course because I did really badly on my music performance course. I enrolled and put everything in place to go back and study music technology after summer break but all I wanted to do was find a full time job so I could afford a new guitar and amp and carry on trying to make something of myself in bands but I couldn’t find work so I decided to go ahead with the course and then go to uni[versity] afterwards with the thought that I could learn how to record instruments and that I could find a band and then record us.

ES: Oh that’s awesome, so you come from a background of classical training with instruments?  What can you play?

Skit: Yeah man I used to sing choir and shit when I was really young, then I played trumpet in an orchestra with other kids, then I played in bands up until I was like 19.

ES: Very cool, very cool! so who did you draw the most inspiration from at the beginning of your producing career, and do they still inspire you?

Skit: I guess the people I was drawing influence from in the beginning were people like Trolley Snatcha , Emalkay , Bar 9 , Reso and Burial. And yeah, Reso is still super relevant and still putting out a lot of music and pushing boundaries with his sound and Burial is still one of my favourite producers and one of my biggest influences.

ES: Who would you most want to collaborate with in the near future and why?

Skit: You mean like if I could collab with anyone in the world? I would love to work on a project with Flying Lotus. The way his tunes sound is so crazy to me, I would also like to write some music for robb bank$ , Danny Brown and Jhene Aiko. Almost forgot Submerse, that guy is a genius.

ES: Which of your songs is your personal favorite?

Skit: I’m not really sure to be honest I hate most of my music man hahaha. Probably Intimate. I think just because I hadn’t made a song like that before and I spent a few weeks making everything sound exactly how I wanted it. Plus I put a lot of emotion into that track and I think it comes across quite melancholic.

ES: Just one last question before we wrap things up here. What can the public expect from you in the future as far as releases go?

Skit: I have a single coming out through Dub-All or Nothing coming out at some point and I also have a remix coming out in the next month or so which I cant really say much about right now but I’m just waiting on the label for a release date. I’m working with a few MC’s and singers at the moment as well but im not really sure what the plan is for those songs but I’m sure a few pieces will surface online soon.

Skit is also playing tomorrow in London at the Cable alongside Reso, Coki and Bar 9. Check out the event for details:

Be sure to follow Skit on social media for updates and free music: