Being a DJ, I try to always play what people can really get into and dance to, and whenever I play moombahton tracks, people seem to always go nuts. A bangin’ drop can get someone excited, but to maintain a beat that you can groove to is a feature that makes moombahton a truly special genre. Moombahton gets it’s name from DJ Chuckie’s dutch house smasher “Moombah”. Dave Nada, who is credited with conceptualizing the sound by slowing this track to a mid tempo speed in one of his DJ sets, gave it a Latin feel at the tempo of 108 beats per minute, which is the typical tempo for Reggaeton. ┬áThe mid tempo sub-genre, Moombahton, combines the synths and structure of Dutch House with a Reggaeton beat. Moombahton has blown up immensely in the past 2 years with the influence and support of artists like Dillon Francis, Munchi, Tittsworth, Sabo, and many more.

And through the moombahton craze, many others have taken this sound and given their own take on it and are receiving considerable success for carrying on the moombahton flag. But no other producer has given a more exciting take on moombahton than St. Louis based producer Jay Fay. The under-21-year-old (he doesn’t get give an age on his Facebook other than that) producer’s remix of Bro Safari’s “Uncrushable” revealed to the world the ‘Jay Fay sound’. He took the Dillon Francis “Jump-Up” sound and gave it a more aggressive, distorted feel. Jagged, crunchy bass lines and a very choppy drops give his remixes a solid edge over his peers.

Jay Fay has been drumming since age 9 and producing music since 2010, and in that time has garnered support and played alongside respectable artists such as Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, Dave Nada, Rusko, and Drake. He has become renowned and respected for his remixes in the Moombahton genre and has done remixes for the Skream, Friction, Will Bailey, Bro Safari and Buraka Som Sistema among others. However, something Jay Fay is not recognized for as much is equally energetic and creative originals like ‘Dibby Dibby’ and his ‘$$ OOPS $$’ EP.┬áJay Fay is certainly an artist who is poised to break out into the mainstream of moombahton this year.

The remix below is his newest one, the intro gives me shivers down my spine and the buildup hooks me right in. Then comes the drop, jagged and heavy, it makes me want to jump up and down no matter where I am. The remix below that is his remix of Bro Safari (along with scores of other remixes for your listening pleasure), which initially drew attention to his signature sound and was a staple in DJ sets for a time after it was released. Below that is his original song, ‘Dibby Dibby’, which is a creative and groovy moombahton song which combines electro bass work with moombahton sensibilities.

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