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“I got the internet going nuts.” – D!rty Aud!o

Though ‘going nuts’ may be a bit of an exaggeration, the internet has definitely taken notice of Moombahton and Trap guru, D!rty Aud!o. Appearing on heavyweight youtube channels such as ‘Trap and Bass’ and ‘MoombaBlasta’, D!rty Aud!o has been a regular in the Moombahton and Trap scenes, playing an instrumental role in the popularization of both genres. If he continues to make track’s like ‘Internet’, he really will have the internet going nuts.

‘Internet’ is one of the hardest hitting, heaviest trap releases of the year and is guaranteed to make any crowd move like crazy. It drops with a crazy 808 bass, a catchy dance lead and grooving trap percussion to create a memorable and heavy trap tune the likes of which should be a staple in any trap DJ set. When you hear “I got the internet going nuts” in a set, you know that if the internet doesn’t the dancefloor damn sure will.