Though it is a surprise, it’s no secret that Daft Punk’s official release of Get Lucky was met with much less jubilation than expected after the massive hype of the previous weeks. It is unfortunate, because it appeared that Daft Punk jumped the gun and gave away too much too soon, and built expectations too high for a release that was essentially a recycled version of the preview. That being said, the song is not bad. In fact, it is funky, infectious and catchy, with a guitar groove and vocals that get you moving and stay in your head. In fact, it is a solid release from the legendary duo, and it is more than likely that in a couple weeks, after the initial shock of the letdown, people will come around and appreciate the song for what it is: a funky house song filled to the brim with good vibes and fun.

However, for fans who had hoped for something more, David A just released a remix that trumps all of the other remixes and very possibly the original as well. His remix preserves the fun and funk of the original song, while slowing it down to a moombahcore tempo and adding in his own melodies, cuts, and basses. His original melody that he adds to the song works perfectly and complements the original in a big way and makes it stand out from the other remixes.

Everything about David A’s remix is memorable. It preserves and respects the original while make it undeniably his own. And if that all wasn’t enough, he put it up for free download on his Facebook page, so like up! He deserves it.