I’ll tell you what’s fuc$!#*g awesome… this track!  That said, I have an issue with calling this a remix.  The only recognizable part from this iconic song is the vocal line from the chorus.  And it’s even questionable if that’s actually from the original.  It’s pitched up, sped up and cut up.  Don’t get me wrong, the whole thing kicks with great fat Dubstep drums, cool synth chords (that, for better or worse have nothing to do with the original song)… Then after a pretty short build, goes crazy with a funky quick beat using some of the most innovative sounds I’ve heard in a while.  Are they drums? Are they synths are they from outer space, are they from the Thrift Shop??? Who knows or cares because it’s just good, dirty fun.

As much as we may hate to admit it, the Original Thrift Shop song is a great, a catchy, fun song with a good groove and some clever use of an unexpected Alto Sax.  Conte’s “remix” is a killer fun track that includes the vocal line from Thrift Shop.. but after that, it’s really just a shining example of a technical and musical master.  The chorus of Thrift Shop is a cool melody and Conte has used it as a vehicle to lay down some really funky grooves, cool chords and some sounds that are just massive.  Is it a remix… in my less than humble opinion, NO. Is it Fuc$!#*g Awesome?  IMHO, Yes!