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Skit is a name largely unknown to your typical bass music fan, however he consistently produces quality songs and remixes in a multitude of genres. Skit’s most recent release, a remix of Brandy’s smooth RnB single ‘Almost Doesn’t Count’ is a deep, meditative song that brings the listener back to the mid 2000s, when Dubstep was more about the vibes and the sub bass. Upon hearing the first warm chords of the song, the listener is transported to a subtler state of mind, and the soothing beat and melody of the song take you on a soulful journey. By the time the sparse arpeggios enter the atmospheric texture toward the end, the journey is complete, and the listener is left with a sense of peace and nostalgia.

In this remix, Skit masterfully crafts a warm and wistful atmosphere that captures the feel of summers past and former lovers. His style is mature and original and the melodies in this song are memorable. From beginning to end, this song is relaxing and catchy. If you’re a fan of either RnB or early Dubstep, this song is sure to please.


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